Here you can view a selection of Rachel's original paintings which have sold.

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  • Barafundle Bay

    Voted one of the best beaches in the uk, when visiting this little beauty, it feels like you are in Greece! A remote beach that takes a little walk to get too. It’s magically framed by ancient castle walls. Purple tones for a unique take on this view.

  • Cardiff Highstreet

    A winter scene of the capital, the excitement of late night shopping at Christmas in the evening keeps the spirits high!

  • Just Keep Pedalling

    This picture captures the picturesque views the athletes get to see whilst on their second stint of the race, still hoping for a good finish! Along Pembrokeshire’s coast has got to be a distraction!

  • Just Keep Swimming

    This picture captures the iconic start of the Race where the athletes set out early, hoping for a good finish! Sunrise can be beautiful across the harbour.

  • Noah's Ark

    Baby Nursery gift or Christening gift for a child’s room.  Animals are not usually what I paint but I enjoyed painting this scene.

  • Penarth Pebbles

    An atmospheric view of the beautiful Penarth Pier.

  • Roath Lake Love

    One of many places to sit at Roath Lake, Cardiff.  A peaceful stretch of greenery, lake and wildlife away from the citys ‘hussel and bussel,’ many of my memories held here.

  • Saundersfoot Pebbles

    Rachel Created this during Lock down in 2020. She started doing Facebook lives and sold it the Next day. This is actually The Glen beach.

  • Triathlon 2- A4 L.E. Prints

    A combination piece of all the Tenby Triathlon 2 pieces; 'Just a Little Swim', 'Just a Little Run', 'Just a Little Bike Ride'. The A4 size of the Limited Edition Prints have now sold out. You can how ever purchase the A3 Limited Edition prints.

  • Caldey Island Abbey - Prints

    A beautiful, peaceful, remote little Island just across the waters of the Tenby shores. Maintained by Monks, they also make perfume, soap, chocolate and other beautiful things! I loved to paint this.
    The Original is still available to purchase.

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